About Us

About us

Photoked Studio

We turned our passion for images into a dream we continue to build every day. Convinced that perseverance is the key to the best results, we participated to dedicated trainings and after evaluation we obtained national professional photographer certification.

About Us

What We Do.

Step by step we learned, tested, practiced to the level where we can say that we offer professional services at high standards.


From a technical point of view, the equipment used keeps up with current trends, being part of the pro category: mirrorless technology, lenses of excellent optical quality, studio lights, etc.


We put our skill and enthusiasm in this field to the benefit of those who want images full of color and character.

Thus, we address entrepreneurs eager to highlight their products through a different and creative approach rendered through high quality photos.

Also, we like to highlight important moments in everyday life, such as family moments, couple relationships and various themed photos.


We are closer and closer to this dream with every satisfied customer and we are always doing our best to surprise and deliver beyond expectations.